About Quickfires

Quickfires offer no-excuses development so you can simply train your world. Each low-price, easy-to-teach course can be delivered in half a day or less, anytime, anywhere. And, at just $3,250, you’re licensed to teach a Quickfires course to everybody on your team for a full year.

Quickfires courses cover key leadership and management areas for any business through smart, practical and engaging competency-based training. While targeted at managers, participants of all levels – from individual contributor to the most senior leader – will return to their roles with real and valuable actions they can apply instantly.

What Do I Get With Each Course?

When you purchase a Quickfires course, you'll receive the following at a minimum:

  • Prep Guide: A thorough and complete facilitation guide your facilitators can use to be completely prepared to present the materials. It includes everything from scripted messaging to specific questions to ask, in addition to preparation details and any appendix materials.  
  • Cheat Sheet: This is an abbreviated facilitation guide meant to support you after you've become more seasoned in understanding and delivering the course material. It’s like the prep guide, but without the extra details such as scripting.
  • Workbook: The workbook a guide for your participants. It contains key concepts presented in the course, but also leaves plenty of room for note taking in addition to individual thoughts and observations. It's an aid to support the transfer of knowledge as well as extend the training beyond the classroom.
  • PowerPoint: This is a visual presentation used to support the training during delivery as a way to maintain engagement. Simply put, it's a slide deck with key points, activity instructions or other compelling visuals.

Due to the nature of the topic, some Quickfires also include: 

  • Case Studies: These are interactive PDFs that help participants practice what they’re learning.
  • Prework: This is a quick assignment that develops each participant’s current level of a competency for later use during the course activity. It may also require upfront work to be done in order to successfully participate in the classroom training.
  • Postwork: In contrast to prework, this is a quick assignment that reinforces the training concepts and develops participants long after the class ends.
  • Takeaway Sheet: This is a one-pager participants can refer to that highlights the key model or construct in addition to main points. It's intended to be used as a tool for reinforcing training down the road.

Which Quickfires Course is Right For My Team?

It’s up to you - select just one, all 12, or any number in between. Mix and match with your own curriculum, build a full day of training around several of them, or host a one-time session on a single leadership topic. Wherever your leaders need to focus, there's a course or suite of Quickfires that can meet their needs.

 What topics can your team begin to focus on? Take a look: 

AdaptabilityAdaptability Business Acumen
Change Leadership Collaboration 
Communication Customer Focus
Decision Making Develop Yourself and Others
Drive for Results Innovation
Integrity Negotiations
Organizational Agility Strategic Agility