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Adaptability Training Course Description

(2 hours and 40 minutes)

Feel like your company is falling behind the competition? Does the future seem bleak with the constant change in demands? It's probably because you're not doing it right – “it” being adaptability.

To keep your company in front of the competition and meet the demands of an ever-changing world, you need to be adaptable. Adaptability is being able to keep calm and move along when it feels like everything has broken loose. This course will help your managers keep their heads together so they can make stuff happen and ensure your company is ready to go instead of playing catch-up.

The adaptability training course achieves the following outcomes:

  • Define adaptability.
  • Discuss the factors that signal the need to be adaptable.
  • Demonstrate the ability to act adaptively.
  • Identify the common barriers to acting adaptively.

What You Get

For the sales price, you receive a license to teach adaptability to any and all employees within your organization for one year (12 months). Digital copies of all materials you need to easily facilitate the course will be provided to you for download. The Adaptability Quickfires course includes:

  • Prep Guide:  A thorough and complete facilitation guide your facilitators can use to deliver the training.  
  • Cheat Sheet:  An abbreviated version of the prep guide meant for use when your facilitators become more familiar and comfortable with the materials.
  • Workbook:  A guide for your participants containing key adaptability concepts presented in the course as well as provides notes space for personal thoughts and observations.
  • PowerPoint:  A visual presentation used to support the training.
  • Interactive PDF:  This is an interactive case study used to teach the course concepts.   

Adaptability Training Facilitation (optional)

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