Quickfires Pricing is Simple.
You Get Everything You Need for Just $3,250 per Course.

Quickfires courses bring no excuses training to your company through a 'one price fits all' setup. Each Quickfires course is $3,250 per year and includes everything you need to facilitate. You can deliver it as often as you want, wherever you want and to as many people as you want.

Here's How It Works: 


Not a fan of facilitating? For a small fee, we can do it for you.

How Do I Know It's A Good Value?

SVI (the company behind Quickfires) has a history of building leadership training for some of the world's most complex and most successful companies – think Walmart, Dillard’s, Tyson Foods and Amerisource Bergen. We've built instructor-led training courses for companies of all shapes and sizes – from the world's biggest company to companies with less than 50 employees.

I'm No Facilitator - Can You Lead the Training for My Company?

No problem. Whether you’re in Bora Bora or Boise, one of our expert facilitators can travel to your company to facilitate one or more of our leadership training courses.

Our per course facilitation fee is $2,000, which does not include travel fees or printing costs. If facilitating more than one course at a time, our per-day facilitation rate is $3,000.