$ 3,250.00

Cannonballing into the swamp.

Innovation Training Course Description

(4 hours)

Innovative ideas often are met with skepticism and resistance, but where would we be without them? Innovative thinking moves business – and life – forward. It doesn’t have to be a world-changing idea like a match or an automobile or a smartphone or a chicken sandwich.* It can be smaller game changers in your department, your clients or your business.

But that doesn’t always come easy. Most great things are difficult and messy and seem strange. Imagine what the poolgoers thought of that first epic cannonball. Bet they called that guy a troublemaker. Fortunately, that kind of cannonball thinking is what leads to cooler and better stuff – stuff we didn't even know was possible.

*Disclaimer: This stuff could be obsolete by the time you read this, except maybe the chicken sandwich.

The innovation training course achieves the following outcomes for your managers:

  • Describe innovation.
  • Describe the mindsets needed to think innovatively.
  • Describe the process for acting innovatively.
  • Exhibit the necessary mindsets and actions that lead to innovation. 
  • Identify potential innovations for the business.

What You Get

For the sales price, you receive a license to teach this course to any and all managers and employees within your organization for one year (12 months). Digital copies of all training materials you need to easily facilitate the course will be provided to you for download. The Innovation Quickfires training course includes: 

  • Prep Guide: A thorough and complete facilitation guide your facilitators can use to deliver the training.  
  • Cheat Sheet: An abbreviated version of the prep guide meant for use when your facilitators become more familiar and comfortable with the materials.
  • Workbook: A guide for your participants containing innovation concepts presented in the course as well as provides notes space for personal thoughts and observations.
  • PowerPoint: A visual presentation used to support the training.
  • Prework: An interactive PDF that develops each participant’s current understanding of innovation for later use during the in-class portion of the training.
  • Takeaway Sheet: This is a one-pager with the competency model and key strategies are provided as a useful reference for the future.

Innovation Training Facilitation (optional)

Not ready to facilitate on your own? We can help you outclick here.