Customer Focus

$ 2,450.00

Seeing from the inside out. 

Customer Focus Training Course Description

(3 hours)

Great customer service requires great customer focus. When you focus on your customers – internal and external alike – you understand what they really need and how it connects to what you can and should offer them. Excelling in customer focus helps you go from someone who not only takes an order and fills a basic need, to someone who provides deeper, broader solutions.

This course helps your managers learn to anticipate needs, provide creative and appropriate solutions, overcome challenges, and add value – all while driving positive business results. When they do that, customers aren’t just satisfied, they’re grateful. And they don’t just come back – they bring others with them.

The customer focus training course achieves the following outcomes:

  • Describe what good and bad customer service looks like.
  • Identify their customers (internal and external).
  • Describe the “nuts and bolts” of their business and their customers’ business.
  • Analyze and describe the “heart and soul” of their customers and their customers’ business.
  • Explain the importance of the Customer Focus Map.
  • Determine their place on the Customer Focus Map.
  • Create an approach for improving customer focus with at least three existing customers (internal or external).

What You Get

For the sales price, you receive a license to teach this course to any and all managers and employees within your organization for one year (12 months). Digital copies of all materials you need to easily facilitate the course will be provided to you for download. The Customer Focus Quickfires training course includes:  

  • Prep Guide: A thorough and complete facilitation guide your facilitators can use to deliver the training.  
  • Cheat Sheet: An abbreviated version of the prep guide meant for use when your facilitators become more familiar and comfortable with the materials.
  • Workbook: A guide for your participants containing key customer focus concepts presented in the course as well as provides notes space for personal thoughts and observations.
  • PowerPoint: A visual presentation used to support the training.
  • Case Study: A classroom tool used to apply key customer focus concepts in an interactive PDF format.

Customer Focus Training Facilitation (optional)

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