Change Leadership

$ 3,250.00

Making it easy to move through the messy.

Change Leadership Training Course Description 

(4 hours)

When change becomes chaotic, like it’s prone to do, today’s leaders must be prepared to lead the charge, anticipate unknowns and push through the barriers. Without strong change leadership your initiatives won’t have the strength and momentum to succeed.

Effective change leaders understand the mechanics of change. But that’s just the start. The best change leaders go beyond the nuts and bolts of the change process. They understand the mechanics of change, limit collateral damage through empathy, get everyone onboard through their influence, and show the perseverance necessary to navigate uncertainty and disruption.

This course helps your managers transition from not only being able to execute the tactics of change, but also get everyone on board and ready for the ride. It achieves the following outcomes:

  • Describe the impact that change can have on people.
  • List and explain the five phases of the change curve, the emotions and behaviors tied to each, and approaches for moving people through each phase.
  • Analyze a change situation and apply Right Heart concepts to identify specific actions to move people through the change curve.
  • Analyze a situation and use Right Mind concepts to determine if people are acting within the zone of objectivity. Identify areas to look to when asking questions and challenging assumptions.
  • Analyze a situation and use Right Actions concepts to clarify behaviors and actions, and create appropriate change messaging.
  • Identify actions to build a network of resources.

What You Get

For the sales price, you receive a license to teach change leadership to any and all employees within your organization for one year (12 months). Digital copies of all materials you need to easily facilitate the course will be provided to you for download. The Change Leadership Quickfires course includes:

  • Prep Guide:  A thorough and complete facilitation guide your facilitators can use to deliver the training.  
  • Cheat Sheet:  An abbreviated version of the prep guide meant for use when your facilitators become more familiar and comfortable with the materials.
  • Workbook:  A guide for your participants containing key change leadership concepts presented in the course as well as provides notes space for personal thoughts and observations.
  • PowerPoint:  A visual presentation used to support the training.
  • Case Studies:  These are used to help participants apply the change leadership concepts and includes a "school solution" for the facilitator.
  • Prework:  A short assignment that introduces change leadership concepts to participants. It will be reviewed during the in-class portion of the training.

Change LeadershipTraining Facilitation (optional)

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