Quickfires leadership training courses were designed and developed by SVI, a world class talent development company. Since it's launch in 2005, SVI has built leadership and management training solutions for some of the world's largest and most successful organizations. Our concepts have improved the performance and productivity of  thousands worldwide.

In addition to Quickfires, SVI has numerous off-the-shelf and software-as-a-service products - all are scalable, relevant and highly effective. 

 36 Dollar 360

The 36 Dollar 360 is the industry’s lowest-priced, easiest-to-use, most broadly deployable 360-degree assessment.

What's even better is the 36 Dollar 360 comes with a library of universal leadership competencies that connect directly with Quickfires courses. That means you can assess your participants  understanding before or after facilitation in order to gain a more targeted understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.

20 Dollar Eval

The 20 Dollar Eval is the go-to performance review for small and mid-sized companies and teams within large companies. You get access to a simple, effective, and professional performance review system. 

Learner Mobile Learner Mobile is an easy-to-use performance support mobile app that works on any mobile device. It's an effective and affordable way to keep training concepts, ideas, strategies and tips close at hand so your people can apply the information when they need it most – while they're working.
EI for the Regular Guy Want to help your employees learn how to overcome challenging interactions, improve their working relationships and increase their leadership influence? Grow their emotional intelligence with EI for the Regular Guy – the market’s most approachable emotional intelligence curriculum.
EI Poker Showdown The EI Poker Showdown is a 90-minute poker simulation – Texas Hold 'Em style – that focuses on teaching emotional intelligence concepts. Working at the speed of poker, participants will have to adapt to changing environments and apply techniques for effectively dealing with how the chips are falling … without resorting to Wild West methods. 

Organizational Champions is a leadership model that was conceptualized through our consulting and research work with our clients, both large and small. Through this work, which has included more than 10,000 assessments and hundreds of interviews with key executives, it became apparent that successful 21st century leaders imagine possibilities, pursue mutually beneficial initiatives, and build trust throughout their organization. It was with these principles in mind that we created the Organizational Champion model.

Organizational Champion concepts can be brought to your organization through keynote engagements, half-day to multi-day leadership events, The Organizational Champion book(McGraw-Hill, 2009), an engaging and interactive leadership eLearning series as well as the Champion's ECChO assessments 

The Anywhere Leader The Anywhere Leader (Jossey-Bass, 2011) offers a blueprint for developing today’s leaders who can handle surprising challenges and thrive in turbulent times by being open to new concepts, passionate about progress, and resourceful with the tools available. This groundbreaking book draws years of research  to show leaders how to navigate the unknown and come out on top.