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Drive for Results

$ 3,250.00

Put the pedal to the metal.

Drive for Results Training Course Description

(2 hours and 35 minutes)

If you're not driving, you're not thriving. Simply meeting the expectations of your role only positions you to meet the superstars as they pass you by.

Help your managers stop shaking hands and getting left in the dust, and start shining and pushing the organization forward. Satisfactory gets them by; driving gets them ahead. Learning how to go beyond their task list enables your managers to be leaders who truly drive for results. 

The drive for results training course achieves the following outcomes:

  • Define drive for results.
  • Identify the characteristics of a driven leader.
  • Describe the three mindsets critical to driving for results.
  • Demonstrate the three critical mindsets.
  • Demonstrate the key behavior shifts associated with each mindset.

What You Get

For the sales price, you receive a license to teach this course to any and all managers and employees within your organization for one year (12 months). Digital copies of all training materials you need to easily facilitate the course will be provided to you for download. The Drive for Results Quickfires training course includes: 

  • Prep Guide: A thorough and complete facilitation guide your facilitators can use to deliver the training.  
  • Cheat Sheet: An abbreviated version of the prep guide meant for use when your facilitators become more familiar and comfortable with the materials.
  • Workbook: A guide for your participants containing key drive for results concepts presented in the course as well as provides notes space for personal thoughts and observations.
  • PowerPoint: A visual presentation used to support the training.
  • Case Study: A classroom tool used to apply key drive for results concepts in an interactive PDF format.

    Drive for Results Training Facilitation (optional)

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